Brazilian Embassy- Research

A research analysis into the European tech park ecosystem, for the Brazilian Embassy.

Published on

December 23, 2020

When: November 2020

Status: Ongoing

Project overview

An investigation into the level of maturity of innovation in technology parks in certain European Union countries, namely Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. These countries will be selected and determined through an exhaustive analysis by means of interviews, data analysis and interpretation of results.

The selection criteria considers their-

🚀 Level of maturity

📊 Degree of innovation

💲 Investment portfolio

✈ Programmes to attract foreign startups


  • Extrapolate the research analysis with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Delimit and compare different innovation policies for certain technology parks in Brazil
  • Know the diversities between the measures established by the European Union and Brazil
  • Increase both local and international entrepreneurship in the Brazilian technology parks. 

Project partners

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