EU-India InnoCenter

A project that will guide European innovators on their journey to cooperate and do business in India

Published on

August 13, 2018

When: January 2021 - December 2023

Participants: 500 companies, 360k+ entrepreneurs

Status: Upcoming

Project overview

The EU-India InnoCenter is the project where uGlobally is responsible for creating an innovation Center between Europe and India and promoting the activities taking place in the center itself.

This project aims to connect and support European startups to prepare their India localization strategies and scale their business activities to India. We will work with the main innovators in both regions to foster collaboration opportunities and open doors to a two-way technology and knowledge transfer.


Our goal with this project is to create a sustainable innovation center between Europe and India to help facilitate the transfer of technology and entrepreneurship between both countries.


  • Build awareness among the European entrepreneurs about the business opportunities and market conditions in India.
  • Train these entrepreneurs about internationalization in general as well as specifically about Indian market.
  • Support the transfer and internationalisation of technology to and from both the countries.

Project partners

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