Mindset Global Piauí

A workshop to help Brazilian entrepreneurs develop a global vision and explore opportunities abroad.

Published on

December 15, 2020

When: October - December 2020

Participants: 5 companies

Status: Concluded

Project overview

The Global Mindset Workshop was developed to help entrepreneurs develop a global vision in their business models, regardless of the company’s level of maturity.

The lean startup methodology helped them to work on their capacity to create a global plan, identify favorable regions for business development and modify their expansion strategies. In addition to which, they learned to use several practical tools to assist their internationalization, without having to leave Brazil.

After the program, entrepreneurs had 3 mentoring sessions with the project consultant and ecosystem players from other countries which helped them to consolidate their expansion strategies and connect with new markets in a practical and effective way.


The goal of the program was to make the participants understand the dynamics of the world market and identify the main opportunities for Brazilian companies.


I - Global Mindset - Dissemination Lecture

II - International Training Bootcamp

III - International connections

Project partners

uGlobally globes

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