The Expansion Guide to the Netherlands

A complete guide to present the Dutch market and opportunities to Brazilian startups

Published on

February 23, 2021

When: Nov/2020 - Feb/2021

Participants: Brazilian Startups

Status: Concluded

Project overview

The Expansion Guide to the Netherlands is a document developed by the Sector for the Promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEC) of the Brazilian Embassy in the Netherlands to help Brazilian startups to enter the Dutch market.


Present to Brazilian startups the main aspects of the Dutch technology and innovation market, the best practices, entry points, operating costs, business culture and important tips to move easily through all phases of their internationalization process.


In a Live with the presence of Paulo Roberto França - Ambassador of Brazil in The Hague and an audience formed by government entities, startups and SMEs entrepreneurs, our CEO Rodrigo Olmedo, presented the main points of the guide, such as:

• Why the Netherlands is a gateway to Europe

• Overview of the technology and innovation ecosystem

• The main entry points for Brazilian companies

• Presentation of the exclusive visa for startups

• Practical tips for doing business in the local market

The Netherlands is the fifth most innovative country in the world and the fourth region in Europe with the most Unicorn Companies.

Watch the Webinar:

If you are interested in learning more about how to expand to the country, download the guide for free here

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