Startup Mission - 24, 25 and 26 October 2022

An exclusive mission to introduce Hungarian startups to one of the biggest and most promising markets in the world.

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to Brazil

Next: Brazil! Is a virtual mission to prepare participants to enter the Brazilian market. 

This exclusive programme will introduce you to Brazilian business culture and give you insights to the country’s technology and innovation ecosystem.

Selected Hungarian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their solutions to the Brazilian actors that best meet their business demand, such as investors, federations, potential partners or specific groups according to their verticals of operation.


Networking with local ecosystem players

Feedback from
a Brazilian perspective

Polishing your market-entry strategy

Testing whether your service or product would fit the market

Introduction to market entry requirements


●  The Brazilian startup ecosystem is ranked number one in South America and number 26 worldwide;
●  Brazil is the only Latin American nation listed in the ten leading global unicorn markets;
●  The best entry point for businesses in South & Latin America;
●  One of the destinations with the largest investments in startups in the world;
●  In 2021 Brazilian startups secured 760 rounds and $10 billion in investments, an increase of 194% compared to 2020;
●  Huge consumer market that continues to expand due to increased technology and internet access; 
●  With over 215 million people, Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by area and  also the fifth most-populous.  

Focus Industries


Brazil is one of the main global players in agribusiness and a global leader in the production, exportation and importation of crops such as sugarcane, coffee, soybeans, wheat and corn. Agribusiness represents 25% of Brazil’s GDP and is currently going through a technological transformation. Brazil is the 2nd largest producer and 1st exporter of meat in the world.


Brazil has become the fifth leading fintech market globally and the most active country in fintech in Latin America.
Digital banks have increasingly gained momentum in the Brazilian market, growing at an average rate of 147% per year. Even while dealing with poverty and inequality in some areas around the country, in a short period, investment in Brazilian Fintech companies reached around US$52 million in 2015, compared with US$ 1.6 billion in 2019. Currently, out of 210 million Brazilian population, Brazil has around quarter of whole population who are unbanked. The Brazilian Central Bank encourages initiatives to increase adoption level of open banking, therefore e-banking, e-commerce opportunities in the market will increase so that new users who live in Brazil can be attracted to join financial system. With 8 Fintech Unicorns so far, Brazil has 4 main subsectors in the segment: digital banking, lending, crypto, and paytech.


Brazil is already considered the largest healthcare market in Latin America, and the seventh largest healthcare market in the world. About 75% of the Brazilian population only has access to the public health system. There is a huge opportunity for disruption and growth in the sector, as the system is inefficient and cannot meet the high demand and concentration of the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. On the other hand, according to the Brazilian association of startups, the population spends more than $ 42 billion annually on private healthcare. Technology-driven startups are emerging to address better and more efficient access to healthcare for Brazil's large and ageing population.


Brazil is considered the third most sustainable country in Latin America. More than 46% of Brazil's energy mix is powered by renewable energy sources. Brazil ranked third most attractive market for clean energy investments and also has the third - largest renewable electricity generation capacity globally. The country has new sustainability goals for water & sanitation as well as power generation & transmission, making them top priorities for sustainable projects and investment.


This tailor made programme will reflect and meet the business demand of participating startups and offers:

●  3 online sessions;
●  Presentation and discussion about the Brazilian innovation ecosystem;
●  Connection with local entrepreneurs, and foreign companies that have already expanded into the Brazilian market;
●  A pitching session: startups will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to actors of the local
ecosystem who best fit their business demand, such as investors, federations, potential partners, or specific
groups (hospitals, productors, etc).

Who can participate?

The project will select eight Hungarian startups that meet the following selection criteria:

●  Startup must be less than 5 years.
●  Startup must have existing partnerships and/or customers;
●  Startup should preferably - but not only – represent the field of agritech or healthtech;
●  Startup is interested in expanding to Brazil or Latin-America;
●  Startup must possess relevant skill sets: fluent English knowledge, cross-cultural communication, adaptive thinking, etc.


Application deadline:  11 September
The mission will happen between 24, 25 and 26 October 2022.
If you wish to take part, please, fill in the application form below. After pre-screening the applications, the best
startups will have the opportunity to pitch their project ideas in English and based on the presentations
participants will be selected.




CEO uGlobally

Rodrigo Olmedo is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a marketing and international business background. He has lived on three continents and co-founded two companies - one digital marketing agency and uGlobally, an organization that helps tech companies access the global market.

Rodrigo has already supported +400 influential ecosystem players and startups from +40 nationalities in their internationalization projects.

Based in the Netherlands, he is highly involved with the European ecosystem of innovation, working as a facilitator of various projects of the European Union. In addition to that, Rodrigo is a business advisor, a speaker in different events, and a mentor for accelerator programs worldwide.

Country Manager - uGlobally Brazil

Country Manager Brazil for UGlobally, Rodrigo is the founder and CEO of Bridge4Global, partner of CRIABIZ Ventures and an Expert Consultant for start-up and innovation ecosystems internationalization.

Rodrigo is a post-Graduate lawyer in International Economic and Commercial Law and in Management and Execution of Technological Innovation Projects. He is also Angel Investor, Mentor and Startup Advisor.

Carrying a vast experience in this area he is the Director of International Relations at ANPROTEC – National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises and the Former President of the Latin American Division of the IASP – International Association of Science Parks.

Frequently asked questions

Is the programme completely free or does it involve some kind of cost?

The programme is completely free, you will not have any cost.

I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese.
Can I still participate?

Sure! The programme will be presented in English.

What is the required level of English proficiency to participate in the programme?

You do not need to present any certificate, but it is important that you are fluent and can understand the entire content of the programme.

Will I receive some kind of certificate?

Yes, companies that complete the entire programme will receive a certificate of completion.

My company doesn't have an MVP yet,
can I still participate?

Programme requirements and selection criteria are described above under Who can participate.

Will all the classes be online?

The programme will be 100% remote, with all phases and meetings held online.

I am a Hungarian citizen but my company is based in another country. Can I apply?

The programme is exclusive for Hungarian companies.

If you need help, contact us:

Rodrigo Mendes
Country Manager - uGlobally Brazil
+55 15 991170202


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