April 15 - 18/2024

Join us and discover the vibrant startup ecosystem of Brazil, one of the most exciting and dynamic countries in the world.

Explore opportunities, connect with key stakeholders and take part in one of the largest technology and innovation events in the world!

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Why Brazil?

  • Brazil is the best country for startups in Latin America
  •  16 unicorns;
  • Largest economy in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC);
  • 5th largest country in the world by area, (approximately 8.5 million square kilometers);
  • 7th most populous nation (more than 200 million inhabitants);‍
  • 9th largest GDP in the world;
  • Brazil is in the top 50 economies in the Global Innovation Index (GII);
  • 8th largest purchasing power parity in the world.

is for you if you are:

  • A Dutch startup or scale up;
  • Considering international expansion;
  • Looking for opportunities in Brazil;
  • Aiming to enter the Latin American or Brazilian market;
  • Planning an expansion with minimized risks;
  • Seeking to build a strong and reliable network;
  • Trying to save time and money in the validation process in a new market.
Check out the selected startups

What you get:


1 workshop to support you with your expansion process to Brazil.

Workshop Content:

- Introduction to Brazil (Must-knows);
‍- Business culture in Brazil
‍- Do's and don'ts
- Lessons learned while doing business in Brazil.


- Minimize Risks: Avoid common pitfalls in Brazilian business.
- Market Entry Acceleration: Streamline your entry into the Brazilian market.

Format: Online session


1-1 meetings for your startup.

Individual Agenda Creation:

- Individual meeting prior to the trip;
- Diagnostic and understanding of potential stakeholders for your company; 
- Stakeholder Mapping and Outreach
- Organizing matchmaking event ;
- Setting up at least 3 meetings for your business.


- Access to a local strategic network;
- Acceleration of market validation and entry.

Format: Physical sessions in Rio de Janeiro duringthe event + meetings at the booth 


A list of local contacts mapped to your company’s interests and goals.

Ecosystem mapping:

List of main ecosystem players in the country (universities, governmental agency, accelerators, investors, techparks, etc).

Individual stakeholder mapping: 

Individual list with up to 10 potential customers for your startup;

Format: PDF documents.


The largest technology and innovation event in the world.

- Happening for the second time in Brazil;
- +30,000 visitors;
- Incredible speakers;
- Unparalleled networking opportunities;
- The biggest names in tech and busines.

All this with meaningful connections mapped in advance to optimize your time!

Check out what happened last year!

This is a small overview of our last delegation that went to the Web Summit Rio de Janeiro 2023


Set up





ARize Group B.V.

5 scheduled meetings and 3 pilots resulted from this event!

“I have been part of many events and programs but by far this one organized by the uGlobally team was the most out standing and the most beneficial one.”

Aryan Behzadi - ARize group B.V.


“Awesome group of people that were not only very business orientated but also loads of fun.
uGlobally managed to organise a proper land into the Brazilian tech ecosystem and to take the maximum out of Websummit Rio.

uGlobally is precisely the right partner to travel the world!”

Michel Mellis – Vurdere

Mochadocs B.V.

“It should be mandatory for a Dutch company to rely on the never-ending support of uGlobally if you want to start up a company in Brazil. The open gateways with the speed of light.”

Rob Postma - Mochadocs BV

Talent Sourcery

“To be part of the Dutch delegation at Web Summit Rio 23 was like living the dream, even though we are just starting with our company. The team of uGlobally, NBSO and the RVO made this all possible and let us do what we are best at. They are the teams you want to have in your corner when you go abroad with your company.”

Kim Lokenberg


uPeddge is happy to share their results:

  • 2 seed fundraising under study (+ 1 commitment);
  • 3 ecosystem players as go-to-market channels;
  • 1 new client signed;
  • 550 new users (first in LATAM).

Check our Package!

Pre-event training to introduce you to the Brazilian market and prepare you for the trip.

An exclusive matchmaking session with the main local stakeholders and ecosystem builders.

Enjoy the Web summit Rio counting on a professional curation to help you navigate and get more benefits from the event.

Get a list of local stakeholders related to your specific business to be contacted.

Transport to all the events organized by the delegation.

Web Summit 2024 entrance tickets.


500 €

  • Pre-event training;
  • Matchmaking;
  • Tickets to Web Summit 2024;
  • A list of local stakeholders;
  • Logistics support.
Check out the selected startups!

Who we are:

Rodrigo Olmedo

CEO uGlobally

Rodrigo Olmedo is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a background in marketing and international business. Based in the Netherlands he is highly immersed in the European ecosystem of innovation and actively contributes as a facilitator for various projects of the European Union. He also acts as a business advisor, speaker at different events and mentor for accelerator programs worldwide.

uGlobally's mission is to bridge international barriers and empower disruptive companies, governments, and entrepreneurs to expand into new countries. The company boasts a multidisciplinary team with expertise in various fields and extensive experience in international markets and business.

Offering exclusive approaches for different sectors, uGlobally provides a range of services including consulting, scouting, corporate projects, guide development, bootcamps, business missions, trainings, and any other support needed for international expansion.

Rodrigo Olmedo and uGlobally synergize their collective expertise to create a platform that not only facilitates international expansion but also fosters a global community of innovators and disruptors.








in missions!

Rutger de Graaf

Director of the Netherlands Entry Point

Rutger de Graaf is the Director of the Netherlands Entry Point, a key initiative promoted by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, committed to facilitating the smooth entry of international talent seeking opportunities to work or establish businesses in Netherlands.

With a deep-rooted background in both politics and business, Rutger brings a wealth of experience to the Dutch innovation ecosystem.

The Netherlands Entry Point serves as the first point of contact for individuals and companies looking to navigate the complexities of relocation by providing them with personalized guidance throughout the transition process.

Rutger's collaborative efforts with his national team , made up of dedicated startup and talent advisors, emphasize real-time, expert and personalized advice from both a policy and business perspective.

Hans Blankenburgh

Chief Representative - RVO/NBSO Brazil

Hans Blankenburgh plays a key role in supporting Dutch companies in Brazil. His dedication to promoting economic opportunities and fostering collaborations makes him a driving force in the Dutch-Brazilian business scene.

Hans is deeply involved in Brazil's economic team providing market entry, investment and innovation services to Dutch companies interested in the Brazilian market.

As part of the NBSO Network, Hans operates within a global framework, contributing to the network's mission of supporting Dutch companies doing business abroad. With 22 offices around the world, including two in Brazil (Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre), the NBSO Network, under the mandate of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, collaborates with colleagues from the Economic Departments of the Embassy in Brasília and the Consulates General in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

F. A. Q.

What costs are included in the package?

The details of the package are described above.  
Please note: Accommodation, plane tickets and airport or Web Summit transfers are NOT INCLUDED.

What language will the sessions be in?
All sessions will be in English. In Brazil, all meetings will be primarily in English. But we will be by your side all the time in case Portuguese is essential.

I intend to spend more time in Brazil, and get to know other cities ecosystems , can I receive advice for this?
This delegation is specific to Rio de Janeiro, and has a defined duration. uGlobally is open to analyzing your needs and offering other services in Brazil, which are excluded from this package.

How many people from the company can participate in the program?
Up to 2 people from the same company can take part in the delegation.

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