5 services to facilitate your international expansion

Simple solutions to problems facing companies hoping to go global.

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March 17, 2018

Launching a product/service in new countries usually demand a considerable amount of additional energy from your team. We know that very well – we’ve been there.

This is why we have listed simple solutions to five problems that are a hassle for companies expanding internationally. These solutions will help your company save resources and enable you to focus on what really matter: your business.

1 – Translation services

No – you don’t need to have a team member who is fluent in the language of the country your aiming for, at least in not in the beginning of the process. There are plenty of services providers across the web that can adapt your website, marketing materials, brochures, etc. for an affordable price.

  • At Fiverr.com, for example, you can hire a native speaker to translate your materials starting at US$ 5/service.
  • Other companies also offer professional translation services already optimized for SEO and other features, which is the case of Triple Trad.

2 – Grammar Checker

Ok, you don’t want to hire someone to translate your materials?

Grammarly.com will assist you by correcting your grammar mistakes and also suggesting ways to improve your sentences. The tool has a (forever) free version and plans starting at  US$10 per member/month.

3 – International calls

Make it easier for your new customers to reach you: with Clevver you can buy a local phone number and receive calls directly on your phone.

Besides that, you can also use the number to call potential customers/partners for an affordable price.

4 – International sales team

Up in sales allows you to outsource salesforce not only in your market but also in the other countries that you are aiming for.

You can choose the salesperson that will represent your company based on their profiles and previous experience. This service comes in handy when one of your potential customers requests a personal meeting but you are not in their country.

5 – International payments

Receiving payments from international markets is always a hassle. Luckily, there are some companies taking the lead and coming up with new solutions to facilitate this process.

  • TransferWise, for example, has created a “boardless account” for businesses operating in international markets.
  • PayPal offers you the opportunity to add international payment methods on your website, as well as send international invoices.
  • Stripe offers similar services, but also allowing customers to use local payment methods (WeChat, IDeal, etc.).

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