About us

uGlobally is a team of international entrepreneurs with a big ambition: dismantle the barriers of internationalization. Since 2016, uGlobally has helped over 200 clients from 35+ countries enter new markets through courses, business missions, workshops, coaching sessions, and online resources.

Our clients include early-stage startups, mature tech companies, ecosystem builders, and governments from all over the world. We are dedicated to fostering companies’ global mindsets from day 1 in a realistic way. After all, we are entrepreneurs too, and we want to help your company organically expand without breaking the bank.


Our story

Founded by two Brazilians with a love for international business, uGlobally strives to demystify the global expansion process for early-stage companies. When we started in 2016, our founders Rodrigo Olmedo and Leo Uchoa had recently returned from business trips abroad. Still a student, Rodrigo just finished a year studying international business in Canada when he met Leo, who was previously supporting foreign companies in China.

While they ventured to different corners of the world, Rodrigo and Leo noticed a common theme: young companies viewed foreign market expansion as unattainable and impossible.

As many founders applied lean startup methodologies to their domestic ventures, Rodrigo and Leo saw an opportunity to leverage these tactics to build global startups from day one. From this idea, the first uGlobally product was born: the Global Mindset Workshop. This initial session helped Brazilian companies integrate a global perspective into their business models.

Since this 2016 workshop, the Global Mindset had evolved into a framework any tech company can apply when expanding internationally. Beyond the Global Mindset, uGlobally has expanded to include a full set of global expansion courses, business missions, online resources, and a coaching network. While our product offering has changed, our key mission has remained: dismantling the barriers of internationalization.

Our team

Based in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, our team is no stranger to globalization. We are a group of passionate business leaders with backgrounds in international business, technology, entrepreneurship, and more. Beyond our core team, we leverage our network to connect you with expert coaches from all over the world.

Rodrigo Olmedo

Co-founder & CEO

The Hague, Netherlands

Leo Uchoa


João Pessoa, Brazil

Fernanda Neumann

Business Development Manager

Curitiba, Brazil

Maurice Beckand Verwee

Investor and Board Member

Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Roberta D'Angelo Mellis

Community Manager

The Hague, Netherlands

Guilherme Rosa

Business Developer

São José dos Campos, Brazil

Luisa Urfali

Graphic Designer Intern

Curitiba, Brazil

Niharika Khera

Business Developer

New Delhi, India

Our network of expert coaches

The uGlobally team knows a lot about international expansion, but we have to admit: it's impossible to know the ins and outs of every market in the world. To give you market-specific advice, we've leveraged our global network of 20 coaches from South Africa to Russia to the Silicon Valley to share their knowledge with you and your team.

Apoorv Bamba



South Africa

Claudiu Vrinceanu


Alex M. Dascalu


Angel Hristov


Arnout Mostert






Bero Rusz


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