Soft-landing for FinTechs in The Netherlands

uGlobally led an initiative in 2017 to connect ecosystem builders in Brazil.

Published on

August 13, 2018

Location: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

When: April 2018

Participants: 5 companies + 10 ecosystem players

Status: Concluded

Project overview

Soft-Landing is a European project funded by Horizon 2020. The project helps ecosystem builders explore other startup destinations and supports scaleups to expand around Europe and beyond.

Crosspring and uGlobally organized a soft-landing in The Netherlands for 5 FinTech companies and 10 ecosystem representatives.

During the week we saw our scale-ups improving their business models, creating fantastic entry strategies and starting impressive deals with customers and partners.

Ecosystem builders got a precise picture of what is going on in the Dutch ecosystem and already started to create collaboration between their countries.


  • Demystify the process of international expansion for scaleups
  • Explore the Dutch FinTech ecosystem
  • Connect participants with relevant players in the local market
  • Understand possible opportunities for companies that want to expand to The Netherlands
  • Present entry strategies to enter and succeed in the Dutch market

Project partners

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