Global Workshops

Empowering entrepreneurs to confidently expand into new markets

Develop the best expansion strategy

- Learn our tried and true methodology used by over 150 companies around the world.
- Minimize the risks associated with global expansion.
- Leverage uGlobally’s internationalization tools.
- Connections and guidance throughout the workshop.

Did you know?

Our methodology is an official course of SEBRAE, Brazil's Micro and Small Business Support Service.

Our workshops

Developing a Global Startup

Designed for the early-stage startup, this two-hour workshop helps founders prepare for expansion in the beginning to ensure long-term success.

Early-stage startups

2 hours

Lean Global Expansion

We teach companies how to access new markets as efficiently and quickly as possible, with principles from the lean startup methodology.

Companies at any stage that want to enter a new market

5 hour lecture + 3 hours of hands-on work + individualized coaching

Business Culture

This workshop utilizes scenario-based activities to outline the 7 perspectives needed to understand foreign culture in a business context.

Companies at any stage that want to enter a new market

2 hours

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+600 clients from more than 40 countries

"I highly recommend Rodrigo Olmedo and his Lean International Expansion workshop. Every aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when willing to expand business was captured by Rodrigo, not only in a theoretical manner but also with practical examples from real business life."

Radu Andrei

Commercial Director @ Bencomp

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