A uGlobally-led program to connect ecosystem builders in Brazil and the Netherlands.

Published on

November 1, 2018

Location: Rio de Janeiro and The Netherlands

When: Sept-Dec 2018

Participants: 40 ecosystem players

Status: Concluded

Project overview

#ConnectRio an initiative from uGlobally, The Future Embassy and the Dutch consulate in Rio de Janeiro that will connect Brazil and The Netherlands in the smart-energy field.

#ConnectRio is now identifying areas of common interest between the two regions by doing interviews with relevant players in this industry. These interviews will allow us to understand the synergies and potential business opportunities for innovative companies & startups from Rio de Janeiro and The Netherlands.


  • Identify key smart-energy players in Rio de Janeiro and The Netherlands
  • Understand the markets’ needs, challenges, and wishes
  • Identify business opportunities and potential collaboration between Dutch and Carioca players

Project partners


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