Mindset Global - Piauí

uGlobally led an initiative in 2017 to connect ecosystem builders in Brazil.

Published on

August 13, 2018

Location: Piauí, Brazil

When: April - May 2017

Participants: 8 companies

Status: Concluded

Project overview

“Mindset Global Piauí” was a project organized in partnership with Sebrae-PI, an institution that supports the development of small and micro companies in Brazil.

The project helped 12 companies from Piauí implement an international vision in their business, plan their expansion and get connected with opportunities around the world.


  • Dismistify international expansion
  • Implement a global perspective in participants’ business model
  • Prepare companies for internationalization
  • Connect selected companies with opportunities around the world


  • 2-days workshop in Teresina
  • 2 mentorship sessions with each company
  • Assistance with international planning and strategies

Project partner

uGlobally globes

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