Maurice Beckand Verwee

Serial entrepreneur, Business angel, Mentor

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€ 149.00 / hour


Maurice is the founder of Crosspring (2005) which he founded after working for a Venture Capital firm from the end of the nineties. There he was involved with investments in innovative hardware products for B2C and B2B. Crosspring’s focus is on digital startups in the Netherlands and abroad. Some of the (recent) investments include can be found on the website.
Furthermore, he is strategic mentor to different EU projects and organizations who focus on early stage investments and startups. He often shares his knowledge as a guest lecturer and speaker on topics like entrepreneurship, early stage (angel) investing, and innovation.

What I can help you with:

  • Validate your solution in the Dutch and Belgium markets
  • Adapt your product/service to these countries
  • Create connections with people from our network
  • Understand the Dutch and Belgium markets within your industry





B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Education


Fundraising, Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategies, Business modeling

Book session
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