Raquel Boechat

Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant

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Raquel Boechat lives in Canada since 2019. A journalist with an MBA in Business Management, Raquel has experience in building strategic partnerships, match-making between companies, and leaders and managing multidisciplinary teams. She has more than 20 years of experience as a businesswoman, leading strategic projects for recognized brands, companies and events. Raquel is a mentor, consultant, advisor and board member in associations and companies. As a consultant, she guides startups to be prepared to apply for accelerators in Canada. Five years of experience as a professor in universities. Raquel is a serial entrepreneur: co-founder at ThinkGlobal Bootcamp (www.thinkglobalbootcamp.com), DrivingApp (www.drivingapp.ca), Athimos Healthcare Platform (www.athimos.com) and at Enfato Multicommunication (www.enfato.com.br), 20 year-old recognized and awarded company specialized in reputation and strategic communication.

She also built the hub E-Training, worldwide hub that connects multidisciplinary professionals focused on developing communication and soft skills. Recently, in May 2019, she made a negotiation course at CMI Interser at Harvard Faculty Club, in Cambridge/USA.

What I can help you with:

  • Validate your idea in Brazil and Canada
  • Adapt your business plan focusing on local needs
  • Find local resources
  • Create local marketing and sales strategy
  • Find new partners
  • Create an international expansion strategy





Sector Agnostic


Business Modeling, Business Cultures, GTM Strategies, Marketing.

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