Rodrigo Esturilio Olmedo

Entrepreneur, International business mentor

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Rodrigo Olmedo is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a background in marketing and international business. He has lived in three continents and co-founded two companies – one digital marketing agency and uGlobally, an organization that helps tech companies access new markets.

Through uGlobally, Rodrigo has created unique processes, new tools, and soft-landing opportunities for tech companies around the world. Thanks to that, uGlobally has already involved influent ecosystem players and startups from +35 nationalities in its projects.

In addition to that, Rodrigo is a guest lecturer at The Hague’s University, a speaker in different events, a facilitator in European projects, and a mentor for accelerator programs around the world.

What I can help you with:

  • Create your international expansion strategy
  • Validate your solution in different markets
  • Adapt your product/service to these countries







GTM Strategies, International planning

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