What is the right time to think about international markets?

uGlobally founder Rodrigo Olmedo explains when startups should go global.

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October 18, 2019

In this 15 minutes class, Rodrigo Olmedo tells us “what is the right time to think about international markets?”

Internationalization is a trendy topic that most startups should consider during their business journey. But unfortunately, sometimes it is the last thing on their minds. Having a global mindset helps companies to validate their products and services in other locations. This will also lead them into new and interesting business solutions.

Download presentation pdf

Below is the titles of  presentation slides. You can also find the full PDF attached in this page.

1. A brief introduction to what is the right time to think internationally.

2. If you are asking when to think internationally, then you are already too late

3. Internationalization does not mean selling abroad.

4. Internationalization learning process

5. The startup curve

6. Making changes to the startup curve (making it faster)

7. An example of a startup going international

8. Explaining uGlobally’s concept and international process.

9. International awareness (finding the most advance markets in your industry)

10. The time where companies only competed with local competitors are long gone

11. What about selling abroad?

12. Facts to consider before going international

13. Go Global Platform

14. Reach out to us and we will be happy to help

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