Dutch startup visa facilitation

We help foreign entrepreneurs land in the Netherlands and grow internationally from here.

Smooth entry, strategic partnerships and business models tailored to your business!


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Unlock the Doors to Europe:

We offer a wide range of support options to help you successfully enter the Dutch market, from visa application to shaping your business model to succeed in Europe.

What we offer:

Startup Visa Facilitation

(Mandatory for visa application)

  • Evaluate your startup, its likelihood of succeeding in the Netherlands, and how we can help you achieve your goals;
  • Adapt your business plan for the Dutch market;
  • Develop KPIs and business structure for your market entry;
  • Assist with application papers and communication with Dutch stakeholders;
  • Connect with trusted service providers and other local stakeholders;
  • Monthly KPI review and business progress call;
  • Up to 2 additional monthly advisory calls to support marketing, sales, incorporation, taxes, and other challenges.

Soft landing services


  • Creation of a market map based on your needs and goals (Potential customers/partners/support programmes/investors / etc);
  • Connection to validation networks (Development agencies/partners/service providers);
  • Market research (trends within your industry, competitor analysis, etc).

Upon request and based on availability:

  • Dedicated living space for the startup team;
  • Dedicated desk in a co-working space;

Who we can help:

Your journey with us:


Fill out the application form, so we can get to know you better;


We will get in touch in up to one week to either schedule an introductory call, ask for more information, or refuse your application;


We will analyze your profile, understand your opportunities in the Dutch market, and determine if/how we can help you;


After agreeing on how to help you, we start with document collection and visa preparation. This phase already includes many advisory calls to adapt your business model to the Dutch market and the creation of a yearly plan to enter the country;


If your visa is accepted, we will guide you throughout the year to ensure your market entry will be as smooth as possible.

How we work:

Our experts will analyze your company, your needs, and we will discuss the options together. While our preferred mode of engagement is based on a monthly fee structure, we are open to considering exceptions tailored to your company's unique requirements, resources and circumstances.

Who we are:

Official Start-up Visa facilitators to help you to enter the Netherlands and prepare you to expand to Europe and the world.

Crosspring assists innovative entrepreneurs in every stage of the startup lifecycle: from early traction to international growth. Involved in several international projects with the common goal to establish cross-border collaborations and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship on an international level our projects include Startup-Scaleup, Softlanding and Partners for International Business.

uGlobally with a portfolio that includes tech startups, ecosystem builders, and various government bodies, uGlobally has already supported more than 450 companies from +40 different countries with their international expansion processes.

Maurice Beckand Verwee

is a seed and series A investor. As the founder of Crosspring B.V, Maurice has been helping startups from all over the world to start and grow since 2006. He is an expert in dealmaking, technology, and intellectual property valuations.

Rodrigo Olmedo

is a Brazilian entrepreneur with background in marketing and international business. As the CEO of uGlobally, Rodrigo has already worked with the internationalisation processes of +500 startups and ecosystem players around the world.

Meet some of our success cases:


EasyDMARC is a Cybersecurity solution from Armenia with offices in the Netherlands, US, and Armenia. They used the startup visa to move into the Netherlands and boost their European operations. They already have +45.000 businesses from several different countries using their solutions.

Soft Landing

Funded by the European Union, the project provided soft landing and scale support for European startups in target destinations. From 2018 to 2019, +100 startups explored foreign markets, 82% got new market leads, 1/5 attracted funding, 1/3 scaled to a new market and  27 companies entered the Dutch market.


Founded in 2018, ARize has established itself as a superpower leader in the commercial 3D and AR space. Arize got the startup visa and started its activities from the Netherlands, from where the company already serves multiple international markets.


Our own success story: Founded in Brazil, uGlobally arrived in the Netherlands 6 years ago, with the investment and support of Crosspring. Our founder moved to the country with the Startup Visa benefits and since then the company has only grown and strengthened its presence offering internationalization services in the Dutch market and across Europe.

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